Getting Your Payweb Account Setup

Please follow the steps listed below if you would like to start processing payments through Payweb.

Verifying Your Account

In order to utilize the Payweb gateway we require you to verify your account first.

The following documents are required for personal users that are have not yet registered a business:

  1. ID or Drivers License
  2. Proof of address (Utility bill or bank statement)

The following documents are required for users that have a registered business:
  1. ID or Drivers License
  2. Proof of address (Utility bill or bank statement)
  3. Business registration papers

Once you have uploaded the relevant documentations, your account will become verified within 48 hours if the documentation provided is correct. Once your account has been verified, please move on to step 2: Upgrading My Account.

Upgrading to Business or Enterprise

Before you may start processing payments through Payweb we require you to have at least a Business account.

Payweb currently has 4 pricing plans:

  1. Free: For users who wish to send and receive payments, without the ability to process payments.
  2. Business: For users who wish to process, send and receive payments through the Payweb gateway.
  3. Enterprise: For users who process over $50,000 USD per month and require a more personalized account.
  4. Custom: For users who process over $100,000 USD per month and require custom fees and pricing. Contact Sales

Once your account has been Upgraded to a package that suits your needs, you are ready to start processing. Lets go ahead and Get your first product set up.


Start processing payments via the Payweb gateway.

Create A Product

Payweb requires you to create products in order to process payments. If you have 3 products on your site, you would need to create 3 products inside Payweb and set the amounts to match the pricing on your site.

Navigate to the Products page and add the kinds of products that you're selling. Be sure to include all the necessary information about each product as the more information you load - the faster we can process and/or refund certain transactions.

Generating Code

Once you've loaded your products in your product catalogue - simply click the "Generate Code" button next to your product and your code is now ready to be embedded into your site!

There are many input tags that can be overridden in the code but there are two necessary tags - member and ID.

Member needs to be your member username and the ID will be the ID of the product you've loaded. Using these two tags will cause the Payweb Database to reference all the other information you've loaded on your product and process it as is.

If you wish to dynamically alter the prices or tax amounts (or any other input tag variable) it can be overridden on your website and the values sent in the POST variable will take priority over your values loaded in Payweb.

Receiving Payweb IPN's (Instant Payment Notifications)

When creating the information for your product - there are three URL options that can be processed with Payweb: Notify URL - The URL Payweb sends it's IPN to Cancel URL - This URL will be available for use during our subscription implementation Return URL - The URL the customer is redirected to after a payment has been completed by Payweb The Notify URL is the URL which Payweb sends an IPN to so that your website knows a payment has been successful or been declined. The IPN is broken down (as a POST variable) into the following data: action = 'Product' buyer = Email or member username comments = any comments the customer has left for the merchant orderid = An auto-generated 8digit code OR a code supplied by the merchant pid = the product id pname = the product name quantity = amount of products purchased status = 'Transaction Success' OR 'Transaction Failed' total = total value paid (USD) signature = this is a security implementation to allow users to verify that the IPN is from Payweb Servers (as a legitimate payment notification).

Secret Key

Users wanting added security on their sites should use the signature field to calculate the details of the IPN against their secret key found in the Payment Link section of your account: GET YOUR SECRET KEY
The calculation for the signature is as follows (PHP): signature = md5( So when receiving an IPN from Payweb - we recommend taking the IPN data values, appending them together (via ksort or equivalent alphabetical array sorting), pre-pending your secret payweb key, and then getting an md5 calculation of the string value. If this value is equal to the signature value in the POST array you can be confident that the IPN is legitimate and has been recorded by the Payweb Server Infrastructure.


If you are stuck or need any help with integrating the system, please contact or add us on skype: paywebsupport